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Complete your forms online while you stay comfortable at home and file for an uncontested divorce without the need to hire a lawyer. We offer a convenient and affordable way to prepare and manage your divorce documents. Get the forms and instructions you need to divorce online.


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Online divorce service is a great solution for divorcing couples who want to manage paperwork quickly and efficiently. It is particularly suitable for uncontested cases when spouses agree on all divorce-related issues. You just need to specify the details of your divorce case in the questionnaire, wait till the forms are ready, and submit them to the local court.

Applying for divorce online will be an easy task to handle on your own if you delegate document preparation to us. Ordering our services, you will receive:

a case-specific set of forms needed to start and finalize your divorce

child-related documents at no extra fee

step-by-step filing instructions so that you can comfortably handle each stage of the divorce process.

When you are ready, get a divorce kit online or receive it by mail for a small extra fee.

What Documents Will I Get

Every state has specific requirements concerning documents couples may need when they file for divorce. Some of the forms you may require to begin a divorce process include:

  • Petition or Complaint for Divorce
  • Response Documents
  • Child-Related Documents
  • Final Documents
  • Miscellaneous Documents

Once you complete our questionnaire, our software will choose the set of forms for your no-fault and full-agreement divorce based on your answers.

File for Divorce Online in 3 Easy Steps

1. Provide your case details to see if you qualify for online divorce

When ordering papers for an online divorce process on our website, first complete a short preliminary questionnaire to understand whether our services are suitable for you. After that, make a payment and proceed with answering the main set of questions, namely, personal info, divorce details, data about children and whether custody is required, and financial and property matters.


2. Review, print, and sign the documents

Once you are done answering questions, our system will start selecting and filling out the papers you will need to complete your divorce online. Your online divorce kit will be available for downloading within the deadline you choose after you finish the questionnaire.

Once the forms are ready, you will be able to access them in your profile to download and print them out. If you would like to receive your documents by mail, choose the convenient delivery option in your account. When you are ready to sign the forms, check the filing instructions to see the appropriate guidelines on the matter.


3. File documents with a local court.

Now you can file for divorce online if this option is available in your county or head to the local court, make the requested copies, pay a filing fee, and submit your divorce forms to the clerk’s office. Be sure to ask the clerk in advance if you can apply for divorce online. You will also need to serve your spouse and wait for the court to process your case. After the judge makes the final decision and signs the Final Judgment or Decree, you can get your divorce finalized by submitting this document to the clerk's office need be.


Complete All Your
Divorce Paperwork Online

Get a full package of divorce documents using our reliable service. All forms are chosen in accordance with the specifics of the client's case and fully meet the state legal standards. Take your time to answer a comprehensive questionnaire and download filled-out divorce papers online once they are ready.

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Why Choose OnlineDivorcer?

Easy Divorce Online

Forget about the complexities of preparing divorce documents. Use our convenient online platform, fill out the questionnaire, download prepared forms, and apply for an uncontested divorce.

Quick Divorce Online

With our help, instant divorce online is a reality. Instead of filling out multiple papers yourself, choose our service and receive case-specific forms for a fast divorce online.

Dedicated Support Team

If you have any concerns about an Internet divorce, our pricing policy, etc., contact our customer support agents, who are ready to answer all your questions 24/7.

Reasonable Prices

Get the full set of forms for your legit online divorce for a one-time payment of $139. No hidden fees. Choose a cost-effective option without having to worry about attorney fees that can be as high as $500 per hour.

Filing Instructions

With our understandable filing guidelines, you can apply for online divorce quickly and avoid unnecessary worries.

Court-Approved Divorce Documents

All the documents you receive are court-approved and completed following the current legal standards of the state.

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce

Divorce with a Lawyer

If you are considering hiring a lawyer for your divorce, pay attention to the following aspects of legal representation to understand whether this option will work for you.

  • You will depend on the lawyer’s schedule.
  • The total attorney fees may exceed several thousand dollars.
  • A lot of spouses end up taking out loans to cover legal costs.
  • Potential court battles will result in additional stress and anxiety.

If you have agreed on all aspects of marriage dissolution with your spouse, getting paperwork preparation services for your legal divorce online is the most convenient option. This way, you get:

  • Court-approved forms for a quick uncontested divorce
  • User-friendly online divorce technology
  • Step-by-step filing instructions for a do-it-yourself online divorce
  • Responsive customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
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Other Online Divorce Websites

If you choose alternative divorce services, be mindful of possible risks.

  • Poor understanding of legal documentation
  • Usage of pre-designed forms that may be unsuitable for your specific case
  • Long turnaround time
  • Confusing pricing policy with extra fees
  • Unresponsive support agents
  • Lack of detailed filing instructions

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I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my documents were ready. I mean, it was faster than I expected! I didn't have to wait for weeks and that was such a relief. Thanks a lot!


Anna L.


One of the biggest advantages of this service is that it's affordable. Though I needed additional child-related papers, there were no extra fees. I know that divorces can be expensive, so finding a cheap option was a big win for me.


Maggy K.


The platform is easy to use, and I had no trouble navigating it. The questions were clear and with hint boxes, so I understood what information to provide. If you want to get documents without spending much time on the paperwork, choose this service!

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