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01 February 2022

They helped me so so much! Me and ex live in different states and more than that, I will have to move to another country very soon, and I needed my forms to be completed ASAP. This company did exactly that and I’m very satisfied with the outcome.

Elijah V.


07 September 2020

My ex and I decided to file for divorce and do it yourself kit was an effective solution. Thanks

June Lewis

12 May 2020

Gave me exactly the assistance I needed in this time and I feel so much gratitude towards every single person helping me on this way. Definitely would recommend!

Clyde Turner

01 April 2022

I do not think legal documentation + online services are a good combination, but this company is an exception. I was short on money and had no other choice, which is the only reason why I decided to try this, and I am surprised that it turned out fine. I am satisfied with results and I would recommend this company if anyone asks me.


01 September 2022

I usually get worried by filling out legal forms but I carefully checked the hints in the questionnaire itself and managed to fill it out in about 50 minutes. I can recommend this website

Phill R.

01 June 2022

Cheap and honest
Went to other company first and they tried to overcharge me and I ain't tolerating such lies so I switched to this company and they were amazing and I got all my papers and nobody tried fooling me. Was very helpful and the price is firm.

Omar M.


17 February 2022

I was on very tite budget and was looking for cheep do it yourself divorce forms. I received all needed, thanks you.

Barbara Anderson

01 January 2022

5 stars for sure!!

Stelios S.


25 March 2022

This is simply the best divorce preparation services website. Tried to order from another company first but support didnt even answer the phone

Andrea M.


28 February 2022

Took about 35 minutes to fill in my online divorce form and quite definitely not 20 minutes as promised. Support told me that I’m a mom of three with some property and debt to divide and it usually takes 20 minutes without kids or with 1 kid only. Good overall, but they could’ve said that from the very beginning.

Ryan G.


07 April 2022

I did have a lot of doubts regarding online divorces. Decided to try and had no regrets so far

Michael G.


25 April 2022

My ex-wife wanted to divorce me because I was poor. Had no other option but to break up with her. Guess what, I had no money to hire a lawyer, and this online divorce service saved me lots of headaches. Thanks

Lucas J.


28 April 2022

Thought it was risky first, but a lawyer would just make me broke, so this was my only option. No regrets so far. My documents were accepted and I’m now waiting for the final hearing.

Michael Delrio

01 December 2022

My brother and SIL both spent thousands during their divorce, so I thought this is the only way to go. I have waited for a few months to divorce to save money for a lawyer but it was a slow process and staying in this relationship longer felt wrong and I even thought about taking a loan or something. Thank god my yoga instructor heard about my case and told me about this company. I’m now a few days from being divorced (instead of months!) and I didn’t even spend 1/10 of money I saved on this service! This really is a lifesaver!

Boris D.


23 January 2022

Heard about this web site from my friend. He said that he paid just 139 bucks and got all all divorce documents online. I gave it a try and it worked out. Hope to never use this service again though lol

John Jefferson

01 September 2022

I am very thankful for such services helping for such a decent price in a very traumatic period for a family. And they already include taxes in the price, so $139 is all you pay.

Michael W.


21 December 2021

Luckily, my ex-wife agreed to divide our property fairly and we could order the whole divorce packet online. Alice from the support team did a great job explaining things. Very good and quick divorce online

Patricia Dye

01 November 2022

Compared this site to similar ones – the price is the same, but onlinedivorcer looked better and trustworthy. Decided to try and it was good enough.

Olivia V.

North Carolina

17 December 2021

Fast delivery and I received a divorce paper form that was approved by the court. Everything went smooth as expected

Jeff H.

01 August 2022

5 stars!
When I first found this service, me and ex were not yet in full agreement on our divorce. But the price was very good and it kind of encouraged us to deal with our differences and negotiate. The questionnaire doesn't take much time but it definitely took us longer than other people, I believe. Anyway, we are grateful for all the help we received and we have all the divorce papers we need now, so 5 stars!

Daniela C.


19 November 2021

Most probably the best divorce document preparation services website.

Nirana Lo

29 May 2020

Very attentive and customer-oriented service with good pricing. LOVED working with them but hope I won’t have to again if you know what I mean 😉

Jaylen A.


24 October 2021

My ex-wife and me decided to order a DIY divorce kit. We were ready to end our marriage but had no money for the lawyer.

Selena Taylor

01 April 2022

Thank you for making my divorce easy! Am grateful and relieved.

Liam S.


19 September 2021

Found this website a motnh ago. Today finally decided to get divorced and purchased a divorce packet online. DOn’t know how much more would spend on the lawyers, but it definitely saved my money, thanks

Larry Golden

01 March 2022

The legal forms provided by OnlineDivorce.com were ready on time and with no mess. The court submitted my paperwork, and I succeeded in my pro se representation before the judge.

Alejandro Z.

New Mexico

28 August 2021

Used this divorce applications form. Good job.

Olivia D.


02 May 2022

I was very surprised to see they don’t charge extra for more kids. Paid, got my forms, and I’m divorced now. Very good value for such money.

Peter S.


08 August 2021

Just received my court divorce forms. Didn’t know that there would be so many docs to submit but they were all approved by thte court.

Arthur Maldonado

01 December 2022

Saved me when I needed it the most Coming from a low-income household, a divorce hit us very hard and we even thought about staying together not to get into more debt when divorcing, but it really affected us mentally, and we have seen that our kids were obviously suffering from our decision. We found this website rather accidentally, but it was the best thing we have stumbled upon in a long time because we could actually afford to divorce with it. We’re now on our final stages of getting divorced and no words can describe how grateful we are for this chance.

Lashawanda M.


17 June 2021

Was rather sceptical about getting divorce help online. Didn’t like the idea of sharing so much information with the web site. Still, I managed to file divorce papers online and they were accepted.

Albert Lake

01 October 2022

All good! Didn’t know that we can’t divorce while wife’s still pregnant. She was far along, so we decided to register anyway. Good thing that we did cause we had time to discuss everything before our baby boy was born, and we have already filed – everything seems to be fine with the documents and we’re waiting for a hearing.

Aicha. R.


25 May 2021

superior court divorce forms, thanks

Wynona Ridder

01 April 2022

Very fast and accurate!

Ashley R.


04 May 2021

A guy I talked to over the phone was very polite and it was a great help in every way. It appeared to be an easy divorce online.

Kelvin Crouch

01 November 2022

Took too much time to fill out the questionnaire but I received what was needed.

Kevin R.


11 March 2021

Glad that I found these cheap divorce papers online. Had to spend some time filling everything out and filing the signed docs, but it was worth it

Jonathan H.

01 September 2022

Great results!
Was just a few days away from spending $9,700 on a lawyer when I saw the ad for this website. I still cannot believe that I saved myself so much money by going for this option. I felt that it was risky and I couldn't be more skeptical about the price difference but the outcome could not have been better. I am very satisfied with the tools provided and the results.

Sydney P.


17 February 2021

I never thought I could cope with filling out the do it yourself legal forms, but I actually did! Great service!


01 August 2022

I had very little time to get the paperwork done and used this site to prepare the documents for filing. Quite easy and fast. Thanks

Makayla S.

New York

13 February 2021

Excellent service

Kenneth L.

01 July 2022

Helpful and convenient
This is my first divorce and I have never seen anyone else divorcing, so the whole process was a mystery to me until I have found this company. I first thought about hiring an attorney, but I would literally be broke if I did. Thankfully, this company also gives you instructions on what to do with each of your forms, so you will be prepared to file once you get your divorce packet ready. For all of you who go through this for the first time too, just a heads up get your driver's license ready and other documents too cause there are a lot of questions about your SSL and other things like that in the questionnaire. Also, ask questions if you feel confused their support team is amazing, and they will be of great help to you when you need it.

James B.


25 January 2021

I recommend using this service if you’re looking for diy divorce forms.


01 June 2022

Great customer service! I did not know what to say in the child support section but guys helped me find what I needed. Thanks!

David D.


19 December 2020

An easy way to get divorce papers online.

Susan Combs

28 May 2020

It was a pleasure to deal with onlinedivorcer. The support and the company in general know what they’re doing and I got my approved forms today!

Tiana J.


16 November 2020

Things got tense and we decided to end our marriage. We were thinking of hiring a lawyer, but the price was waaay to high. Tried to do all the paperwork on our own, but then turned to this legal divorce online service. Good customer support

Larry C.

09 May 2020

Quick and professional
At first, I was a little skeptical but was pleased with the service I received. That is why I can recommend this service.

Taylor G.


01 November 2020

I’m a busy business woman and had no time to go to the court physically. Although there were too many questions in the questionnaire, I didn’t have to go the court with this online divorce filing service.

Judith G.

01 April 2022

I couldn't cope with my wife, so I began to study online services for divorce.
I was referred to your web site by a friend who divorced his wife a month ago. I received exactly what I was looking for.

Josiah C.


12 October 2020

I received all required legal forms for divorce, thanx

Bob D.

01 April 2022

The error has been fixed.
The court did not approve my documents! After contacting support team, it appeared that I made several mistakes when answering the questions. I corrected my answers and all my papers were updated for free. Thanks

Ethan K.


05 October 2020

Purchased the do it yourself divorce packet at this website. I spent about 40 minutes to pass the interview. What I received was a bunch of docs for divorce to apply online and all instructions on how to do it correctly. Exactly what I expected.

Ben Foster

01 March 2022

Liked the fact that they have a fixed price for the service and a clear refund policy. Luckily, I didn’t have to use it as everything went well and I faced not issues whatsoever. Would use it again if I had to.

Karla T.


11 September 2020

Could not submit the forms online!! Support told me that it is impossible to do in my state as my ex and I need to show up in the courthouse. Had to go to the divorce court but forms were approved in the end.

Mary Wilson

01 February 2022

The staff is soo supportive and I’m happy with the result. Had a very nasty and emotional divorce and it was hard to do anything and they sat with me there just filling it in and answered when I was confused. Many thanks to all of you, 100% would recommend.

Chloe P.


04 May 2022

My coworker recommended this service and I couldn’t be more thankful! Simple, fast and efficient!